3 April 2020


This week 10 years ago I’ve launched Petite Passport. First for friends. And then they told their friends, who told theirs and now we’re here with almost 100.000 friends. I love you all as we have one thing in common: we love traveling and seeing all those wonderful places created by the most inspiring people on earth. I hope to continue sharing the best places for the rest of my life!



So what were my highlights of the last ten years? So many! I’ve visited 1000s of amazing places, flew Business Class for the first time in my life, lived in Barcelona, launched the Petite Passport Guides and Magazine, spoke to so many inspiring entrepreneurs, have a lot of fantastic selling points throughout the world and got verified by Instagram last week 😉

Favorite mails

But my absolutely favorite thing ever is receiving messages of you telling me you went to a place I recommend and share me your story. I keep them all in a special folder called ‘my favorite mails’ and it reminds me of why I’m doing what I do!


Cheers to the next 10 years! x Pauline


10 years = 10% discount in the webshop until the end of April (use code: 10years)



A coffee bar in Melbourne



Plant-filled restaurant in Barcelona



Vincent Van Duysen designed this apartment, store and restaurant in Antwerp



Closed as a shop unfortunately but it’s now a gallery in Copenhagen 



Minimal design store in The Hague



Hotel residence, cafe, co-working space and store in Copenhagen