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25 February 2019


Hotel Saul in Tel Aviv is named after Saul Tchernichovsky, one of the world’s best Hebrew poets, whose poems are printed on the white wall on the roof terrace. In English, but of course also in Hebrew.


Checking In

Hotel Saul opened its doors last year in a quiet street about fifteen minutes from Rothschild Boulevard. From the outside, the hotel looks cozy with the Parisian bistro chairs and a lot of plants. Inside you will find the reception on the left just like a small corner with many good design and architecture books. On the right is Barvazi, the first gourmet sandwicherie in town. The same owner as OCD serves delicious sandwiches with, for example, grilled chicken or mac & cheese. I’d also recommend the delicious oatmeal cookie with chocolate that just came out of the oven.


Perfect hotel room

The interior is done by local design studio Dan Troim. They created such a fantastic atmosphere that I wanted to pack my room and take it home with me (I’ve stayed in the Patio Room). Reasons are the super nice duvets made of hand-woven Turkish linens, the warm carpet on the floor, the doors that open to your private terrace with a lounge chair. And above all: the warm atmosphere. Another cool detail: the Bauhaus print with an explanation of Asia House. And the delicious smelling hand soap and shower gel from Maapilin, also a Tel Aviv based company.



Israelis love to play games – at least that’s what I made from seeing people playing board games at night and noticing a whole backgammon corner at The Jaffa Hotel. At Hotel Saul guests can borrow rackets to play ‘Matkot’ at the nearest park (a sort of Ping Pong). And in the room, guests can choose to play backgammon, Rummikub, Mikado, and many other games. If you’re more into digital gaming you can rent a PS4 or Super Nintendo in the room. And whose more into binge-watching can watch Netflix and order breakfast in bed in the morning.


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