30 September 2016


One of the most enthusiastic sellers of The Petite Passport Guides is Jessica Chapman, owner of the lovely Gathershop at the van Woustraat. She sells a beautiful and well-curated selection of jewelry, stationary, plants and some fashion. And of course The Petite Passport Guides – all of them. Recently she found a brand new place because the city of Amsterdam decided to start a construction of the van Woustraat which may take a few years. And while she searched for places she found this little gem at De Hallen, since the opening a true touristic hotspot because of the Food Market, Hotel de Hallen and lots of restaurants, shops and a cinema. Jessica worked as an architect before and apparently she’s quite a handyman (handywoman is a better word) as well, because she made the counter and the dressing rooms. Lovely! Stop by if you want to buy a Petite Passport Guide, one of the minimalistic rings or necklaces, ceramic mugs or a to-do-list notebook.


Check out: www.gathershop.nl