29 May 2012


Most striking feature:

The Ace Hotel is Disneyland for hipsters. The whole block breaths the Ace Hotel vibe. From the hotel itself to the John Dory Oyster Bar, Number 9, Opening Ceremony and Stumptown Coffee Roasters. The first thing you’ll notice is the huge and happening lobby – the meeting place for New Yorkers and the guests who sleep at Ace. While checking in you notice how the staff looks good. Nothing like the typical hotel crew. I was wondering if they got the question: ‘show me your tattoo’, during a job interview. But then I saw a boy with ’empty arms’. I’ve booked my stay via Jetsetter.com (follow them for the best deals in New York) and during the check-in they told us we had one of their best rooms. Maybe they tell everyone, but that sentence makes me wanna go up even faster. God, do I love hotels.

Before the tour I want to tell you something about the area. The NoMad (North of Madison Square) is close to Macy’s and stores like Forever21, Uniqlo and Victoria’s Secret. 5th Avenue is close as well. Perfect if you want to do some shopping. If you’re more into the small and unique stores of Brooklyn of downtown Manhattan you can rent their Ace mountainbikes for free.

Let’s start the tour. We’ve stayed in a Medium Full Room at the 4th floor:

Every room in the Ace Hotel is different and has another painting/wall mural. The bed is very small, but perfect if you’re with your loved one.

You also got space to open your computer and check your mail (wifi is free). On the table you’ll find a record player next to the radio.

Clean NOW or


A good designhotel doesn’t take itself too serious and makes jokes along the way. I’ve spotted this one in the Portland Ace Hotel as well.

Room with a view over the Empire State Building.

The graphic design of the Ace Hotel. Looks amazing right?

And two shots of the lobby

Check out: www.acehotel.com


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