6 October 2021



Studio Bosk, a holiday home for four people, is located in the heart of the forest of Oudemirdum.


Fireplace and candles

It is a typical autumn day in October. On our arrival it is pouring rain. That makes our stay at this forest house extra special. You’ll hear the rain tapping against the windows and there’s absolutely no rush to get outside. You can turn on the fireplace, light some candles, prepare a delicious oven dish, unpack the board games or just start with a good book.


In the heart of nature

The living room looks out at nothing more than trees and nature. In the morning you wake up to the sound of birds singing. And if you do want to go outside, you can start a beautiful walk in the woods from the house.


Kids are welcome

The small cottage has a living room, two bedrooms (one with a bunk bed), a kitchen and a bathroom. It is an ideal place to go with children. There is a sandbox, a small bicycle, many games, children’s books and even a brio train. A screen-free holiday does not have to be a problem here 😉 Also if you don’t have kids it’s the ultimate nature escape in Friesland.


Check out: www.instagram.com/studiobosk