28 November 2016


The idea that you have to travel as far as possible  to see beautiful things or to be able to relax completely is not accurate. Wherever you live in the world I’m sure there are a lot of places you haven’t discovered yet and will bring a smile to your face when you do. You can be a tourist in a circle of two hours from your home already – or even in your city: just look at it through the eyes of a tourist.


I am living in The Netherlands and I’ve never been to Friesland until this weekend. In a two hour drive I’ve entered a complete new world: a world where you can look as far as you wish and only see the nature, some farms and churches. Without an overkill of stimulus you immediately will feel quiet and relax. My goal was a visit to It Flinkeboskje, a holiday home I’m gonna tell you more about tomorrow, and the owner Rixt was so kind to made a list of places I had to visit in the Southwest of Friesland. And I love to share them with you here!


Ps: also check out this video of running deer in the stunning nature of Friesland. 




No this isn’t a unique place to stay – although it would definitely be a candidate for Living Architecture if you could sleep there and it was located in the UK – it’s the visitors centre of the UNESCO World Heritage site Woudagemaal.




The view from the Woudagemaal in Lemmer.


Inside The Flinkefarm, the barn where they organize events like markets (on Dec 10 and 11 they organize Winter Favorites, a winter fair), brainstorms, weddings and much more.


The view from the kitchen of It Flinkeboskje, the holiday home I was trying out for you!


Scenic village Hindeloopen, directly located on the IJsselmeer.


Scenic city Sneek


Inside the Fries Scheepvaartmuseum in Sneek


A windmill in IJlst


Sunset in IJlst