7 July 2021


Last Saturday a brand new Bellerose store in Knokke opened its doors with a pretty spectacular interior. Let’s take a look around!


Surf shacks

Bellerose is a Belgian fashion label dating back to 1989 when they started selling men’s shirts. The name is a reference to the American town Bellerose and when they opened their first store in Knokke back in 1990 the interior was inspired on the typical surf shacks you could find in towns such as Bellerose on the American Westcoast. Fast-forward to 2021, 24 stores in 4 countries later plus a women’s line and a kid’s collection, and time for a new store design.


Leading role for architecture

Artistic director Derek Van Heurck is proud to present the new store in the beach town where it all started: “In our existing stores it feels as if you enter an apartment or a house with lots of wood and vintage furniture. With the new store we would like to create an experience for our customers with a leading role for the architecture of the store. We worked with architect Pierric de Coster who came up with the idea of this concrete staircase in what used to be just an empty space underneath an apartment block on the Kustlaan.”


De Sede sofa

“We like to invite people to see the architecture,”¬†Derek Van Heurck continues, “and have a cup of coffee on the vintage De Sede sofa while they wait for their partner to try on some garments. We looked at the music, the scent and of course brought in some wooden elements for the changing rooms, the counter and the kids department. I’m especially fond of the staircase and the ceiling at the entrance made from a light green fiber glass.’


Limited edition bath towels

Bellerose is a brand for people who like to dress well with a conscious mind. Their collection is timeless and people compliment the staff for the long-lasting quality of the items. Apart from their own collection they sell brands such as Lee and Veja. And throughout the store you can aso find jewelry and scented candles for example. They also have a range of bags made from recycled Bellerose items to avoid extra waste. And for this specific store on the Belgian coast they’ve created a limited edition of bath towels. A good souvenir!


Check out: www.bellerose.be


This article is part of a collaboration between Bellerose and Petite Passport. On their site I’m sharing my favorite cafes, country escapes and restaurants and I’m sharing their new store with my readers.¬†