30 April 2021


Last weekend I went to a inspiring bed and breakfast in Knokke to make a report for you, but of course I also checked out the surroundings! Let’s see what caught my eye during this sunny weekend in April.


Zwin Nature Reserve

Just a short walk from the b&b you’ll find nature reserve Zwin that storks, Scottish Highlanders, wild horses and many birds call their home. Walk towards the hare, an art work called Hospitality by Barry Flanagan and you’ll have a beautiful view over Zwin, the dunes, the beach and further away Cadzand-Bad (where you will find these lovely restaurants).






After the 12k walk we went back to the bed and breakfast, a stylish retreat with only three rooms.



Wine shop

Pinot Knokke is a wine shop and deli that opened the doors in December. They have an amazing selection of (natural) wines and delicious take-away food made by two sisters.



Interior shopping


Knokke is known for its wide range of shops. From well-known international brands such as Sandro Paris to hip Belgian labels such as Bellerose. Of course you can get some inspiration for your own home as well as the beach town has many interesting interior shops such as Items by Bea Mombaers and Italian linen store Society Limonta.







Knokke is also known for its art. Many famous artists visited Knokke and got inspired by the beach town. There are around 85 galleries. I visited the one of Stephane Simoens who now shows the works of David Murphy (UK) and Alison Hall (USA) (until May 17, 2021). Also add J&O Saverys to your list. Gallery owners and artists themselves, these two sisters, show work inspired by the Belgian coastline in vibrant colors such as yellow, orange and turquoise/cobalt blue.





And last but not least: enjoy spotting some pretty cars. Knokke has the most Porsche Cayennes of Europe, but if you’re more a fan of classic cars you’ll be inspired too. And then there are those who love golf and easy parking and drive around in golf carts. Typical Knokke!



Enjoy Knokke!