EARLYMADE PORTO - Petite Passport

16 May 2018


From the same owner as Rosa et Al comes Earlymade, a concept store with the best fashion, design and art ‘Made in Portugal’.


A beautiful concept store

Emanuel de Sousa opened Rosa et Al Townhouse in Porto a few years ago, a beautiful townhouse decorated with lots of style (read more about it here). When the space next to Rosa et Al came available he turned it into Earlymade. In my opinion one of the most beautiful concept stores in the world. Every few months the whole installation changes as he gives young Portuguese artists a podium to design the space – and to exhibit their work in the windows and the basement.


All made in Portugal

The idea came about as he welcomed a lot of guests who worked for cool fashion brands like Stutterheim, Maison Kitsune, Anecdote and YMC. Worldwide brands who got their products (or part of it) made in Portugal. That’s why he decided to collect all of those brands together under one roof: from fashion to books and from art to leather bags. All curated beautifully, but most importantly, all made in Portugal.


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