12 July 2019


From the same owners as Rosa et Al Townhouse and EARLY Made, comes EARLY Cedofeita, their first café with a seasonal menu.


Former vinyl store

EARLY Cedofeita used to be a bookstore that sold government bonds, a kind of paper that is sealed and represents money. Imagine it as a small-scale bank with a safe, which now serves as a private dinner. It later became the first store in Porto to sell vinyl, but it closed its doors when the CD made its introduction in the 1990s.



When Patricia de Sousa, one of the owners, crossed the street, she suddenly saw the potential of this beautiful store. Her brother Emanuel de Sousa is an architect and together they decided to transform the building into a cafe, with respect for the authentic details. The shop windows are now window seats, the beautiful door still dates from that time and the marble on the tables was very popular at the time. The cafe has a nice collection of chairs as well. You’ll notice school chairs inspired by Rietveld, stackable red ones from the UK and Otis Dining Chairs by John Green.


Seasonal menu

The special thing about EARLY Cedofeita is that the menu changes weekly because they want to be as close to the seasons as possible. Why do we wat avocado and strawberries throughout the year when they aren’t available all year round? On the menu, you’ll find soups, salads, sandwiches, and a few main dishes. I had a delicious Sardinha Broa, a sandwich with sardines and mackerel. The Manjerico was very special, but for people who really love olives. And for their super good Churros, you can now wake me up in the middle of the night 😉


Check out: early.dinesuperb.com


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