19 April 2018


If you think of going on a citytrip to Portugal, Lisbon is probably the first city you think of. No matter how beautiful Lisbon is, Porto surprised me for being so inspiring as a second city. Now that cities like Barcelona, Venice and Amsterdam become so touristy, you see other, less known, cities flourishing. Valencia in Spain, Rotterdam in The Netherlands and also Porto in Portugal. I did find so many amazing restaurants, hotels and shops where you will be among the locals and hear stories about former townhouses, coffee trucks turned into cafes and learn about architects designing the most amazing places – and art work.


Of course I’m gonna share them all on my website (see petitepassport.com/tag/porto) soon but for now I’ve made you a list of the 10 things you can’t miss when you’re in Porto.


1.Stay at My Home in Porto



2. Drink the best coffee of Porto at this coffee bar



3. See the famous bridges



4. Buy yourself a piece of Claus soap, made in Porto.



5. Explore the independent shops at Rua do Almada



6. Take a picture of the beautiful tiles you will find all around Porto and share them on Instagram.



7. This shop sells fashion and design with a link to Portugal



8. Visit the beach of Porto



9. Check out Serralves, the most visited museum of Portugal, to check out the museum and the park where you will find this beautiful liquid pavilion.



10. Surf to the Porto page on Petite Passport for all of my recommendations on restaurants, coffee spots, shops and places to stay.