BILLIE ROSE GENT - Petite Passport

21 February 2018


It is few given to create such a beautiful store and offer such an inspiring collection as Noor Callebaut from Billie Rose in Gent. You basically want to have everything.


A minimalistic store

The store looks beautiful from the outside. Noor tells me that the special black window façade was already there, just like the floor, but that they changed the rest. Nothing reminds you of the men’s fashion store it once was. Noor collects everything that she thinks is beautiful. So it does not have to be a special Belgian designer and doesn’t need to fit a special theme. She has beautiful crockery, but also children’s clothing. She sells fashion, jewelry and the Petite Passport Guides.


And coffee bar

Noor, who named the store after her daughter, runs the business with her brother, who takes care of the coffee bar and the small bites. In the summer people sit outside, but also inside you can have something to drink. Then you have some extra time to think about that beautiful plaid or a cute cuddle for your niece?


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