23 October 2017


Last weekend I went to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. An interesting design week because it’s not all big commercial collaborations of already well-known designers, but you really get the chance to discover young talents – that’s why you see design icons as Rosanna Orlandi and Marcus Fairs in Eindhoven too. Of course you can also see the work of big names such as Maarten Baas, Kiki and Joost, AtelierNL, MVRDV and many more. There’s a lot to see – they told me that you need at least three days – but I did my best to find the true gems. Don’t miss the following locations and their designers!


Charles Petillon for Sunbrella

You’ve probably know the work of Charles Petillon from his balloon installations. Now he worked together with fabric brand Sunbrella to design an installation with balloons again, but the balloons are decorated with the fabrics of Sunbrella. Check it out at VDMA in the center of Eindhoven. There’s also a cool pop up lunch restaurant going on there during the week by The Creative Food Studio and AnoukxVera. Location: VDMA



Fundamentals by Dutch Invertuals

Beautiful set design by Raw Color for Fundamentals by Dutch Invertuals. They’ve invited 45 designers, such as Sabine Marcelis, De Intuitiefabriek and Jeroen Wand to show objects that usually remain hidden. The result is an installation with more than 800 objects. Location: Design Perron.



Workshop and store of Kiki and Joost

Designers Kiki and Joost recently moved into a new workshop and it’s worth taken a look as they’ve presented their work in between the machines they work with. And they have this lovely shop where you can buy their products and see the lovely door frames that makes a good Instagram picture. Location: Plan B, Hurksestraat 19.



Maarten Baas ‘May I have your attention, please?’

The winning installation of Maarten Baas x Lensvelt for the Salone del Mobile touched down in Eindhoven at De Kazerne. Try it out, make a lovely portrait in between the speakers or find your favorite chair. Don’t forget to go to a tiny little corner in De Kazerne where you will find a huge vase designed by Maarten Baas for Cor Unum. Location: De Kazerne.



Atelier NL’s SAND

Atelier NL moved in a new studio as well and it’s a former church at De Hallenweg. Since a few years the duo collects sand from all over the world and in an alternative world map they show you the different sand. They’ve made a close-up from the sand and it’s of course always nice to see the white sand of beaches in Thailand or Australia, but it’s also interesting to see the black sand of Iceland for example. Location: Atelier NL 



And hotspot wise? You can’t visit Eindhoven without drinking a coffee at Bean Brothers, having a dinner at Radio Royaal, having lunch at Onder de Leidingstraat and shopping at Sissy Boy. Enjoy!


Check out: www.ddw.nl and www.visitbrabant.nl