25 October 2016


Every year in October Eindhoven is the capital of design of the Netherlands. The whole city is turning in one big design event during the Dutch Design Week. It’s almost impossible to see everything, but if you’re going to Strijp-S, Piet Hein Eek and the center you will have lots of inspiration for the next year. Yesterday I went to the event – which takes places until Sunday the 30th of October – and I love to guide you to my favorite installations, shops, collaborations and exhibitions.


One of the highlights of the program is Maarten Baas Makes Time in the center of Eindhoven. In a former parking garage the designer, who launched the Schiphol Clock at the beginning of the year, is known for his Clay Chair and will open an exhibition at the Groninger Museum in 2017, worked together with his favorite designers such as AtelierNL, Jurgen Bey and Joost van Bleiswijk & Kiki van Eijk to create a world which evolves around the concept of time. And it’s not design only – as he also collaborates with chef Sergio Herman for a temporarily restaurant. Theme: party. As you can see with the confetti on the ground, but apart from that they worked together with Vlisco to create the beautiful patterns for the tablecloths, aprons and flags. And with Lensveld and Piet Hein Eek for the chairs. Maarten Baas worked with Cor Unum for the tablewear and with Valerie_Objects for the cutlery. After seeing the documentary of Sergio Herman (Fucking Perfect) Baas was inspired by his passion and hard working and it reminded him of himself. They already worked together for The Jane and since Herman is a big fan of combining top notch gastronomy (The Jane already has 2 Michelin Stars) with design, he was honored to became the chef for this one week only restaurant. The menu consists of four dishes (presented on those fabulous plates shaped like a smiley. It’s even possible to take a selfie with it) and three small desserts (it’s even possible to eventually eat the nose): all favorites of Sergio Herman.




Another interesting project is to be found in the chapel on the Kanaalstraat, also in the center. Designer Emmy Polkamp graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven last year and she created a pop up hotel concept. The last couple of years movable restaurants are already a big hit and when Polkamp visited a hostel in East-Europe she had a chat with the owner who told her he had to shut down the hostel due to the fact that the owner wanted to do something different with the building. She then thought: what if a hotel was moveable? So she created these 5 tents which can folded into five boxes and by that are easy to carry. She opened the hotel during Boulevard, a theatre festival in Den Bosch and during a pop up restaurant also in Den Bosch. As The Student Hotel in Eindhoven is opening the doors soon (probably 2017) they wanted to work together for this Design Week to invite the visitors to see the hotel already and get a unique chance to stay there in her pop up hotel concept. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to stay at the construction site, so they moved it to a chapel in the center. Five hotel rooms are located in the chapel. Breakfast is being served in the morning (funny fact: on Sunday there was a service going on as well and on Monday evening guests could also follow the mindfullness training which was being given there). Probably you’re thinking ‘is there a toilet?’ and ‘where can I take a shower’? Yes, there’s a toilet and an outside shower. Price: 95 euro per night.






Piet Hein Eek is always a good idea. If only to buy a new Susan Bijl bag or if you want to spend slightly more a Tokyobike. There’s a lot of inspiration from the Dutch designer himself, but he invited young talents as well (such as M.OSS Design and Maison Deux). There are a few restaurants on site and I have to recommend the pandan muffin at Pinki Patisserie. For lunch I would recommend Radio Royaal at Strijp-S or Onder de Leidingstraat.












Another must is the moving installation Reflecting HOLON by Martens & Visser on the 10th floor of a huge industrial building. Expect to queu for a while because there are only two elevators and only a certain amount of people allowed in the building.




There are so many more happenings during this week, so check out the website www.ddw.nl to see the whole program and make your own list with favorites. Enjoy!

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