2 May 2022


Today Renessence will open the doors, a wellbeing destination on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. A place for people to check-in to themselves. Whether via a hot yoga class, an ice bath or a relaxing massage.



Let’s be honest, the Zuidas is certainly not on top of the list as it comes to the most inspiring district of the city. It is the Dutch version of The City in London: here it’s all about hard work, earning a lot of money and not having self-care as the highest priority. Although there are more and more bankers who roll out their mats during their lunch break for some sun salutations. Renessence goes one step further: at this inspiring place surrounded by high-rise buildings you can step into a hyperbaric chamber oxygen and hydroxy for 25 minutes, and come out of it with mental clarity and a concentration boost, so you can enter your next meeting sharp yet relaxed.


Interior by Enter the Loft

However, Renessence isn’t only designed for the Zuidas clientele, au contraire. The interior is done by Enter the Loft and is minimalistic yet warm and very inviting. Plants surround the hyperbaric chambers, long linen curtains are draped around the comfortable armchairs where you can get Vitamin Therapy and the marble ice baths probably give you the last push to awaken your inner Wim Hoff. And it’s only a 15-minute bike ride from the center.


Treatment menu

For anyone who loves their body, or is up for it to give it some extra tender, love and care, the treatment menu reads like a line-up of a cool festival. There’s a list of remedial therapies, including the ice baths and hyperbaric chambers, but you can also book a floating session (it will help you sleep better), follow cryotherapy (for muscle pain) or step inside the infrared sauna (it simply makes you happy). In addition, there’s the therapie section where you’ll find many massages, in addition to bodywork and 1:1 coaching sessions. If you want to go even further, you can have a blood analysis done or get some IV vitamin therapy.


Yoga and more

And for those of you who prefer to move there are a ton of yoga classes on the menu. Although the yoga studio is not just a studio. In addition to the hot yoga and meditation classes, they also offer a body breath class that ends with an ice bath. And the future self journey and tantric awakening workshop also sound good. Now we get to the toughest part: to make a choice. But in contrary to a festival, Renessence will be open every day, so you can take your time to discover it all.


Note: soon their cafe will also open for a nutritious lunch and a healthy juice.


Check out: www.renessence.com