28 October 2021


In the heart of the Alentejo region you’ll find Sao Lourenco do Barrocal. A vineyard turned into a hotel and restaurant with lots of interesting extra’s. Let’s explore!



Sao Lourenco do Barrocal is in the same family for 200 years already when one visionary mind decided to turn the enormous plot of land into a small farming village. 50 families lived there from the wine, grain and vegetables they made on the land. There was a school, even a bullring, and many families lived there happily. A few years ago, José António Uva, who is the eight generation of the family, decided to turn the property into a hotel and restaurant, without losing its interesting heritage.


Small farming village

What he did was to use the idea of the small farming village to create not only a hotel and restaurant on this vineyard, but to let the guests get an idea they take part of it too. They can help with the harvest of the grapes for the winemaking, they can go on a sunset horseback riding tour or watch the stars in the former bee-keeping arena. In the restaurant they use as many ingredients coming from the on-site farm. And in the shop, you can buy the wines or olive oils.



The architecture and interior of the hotel is done by Pritzker Prize winner Souto de Moura. There are 22 rooms, 2 suites and 16 cottages for families. There’s a serene spa, and there are swimming pools on a huge plot of land surrounded by barrocais, ancient stones and one of the monumental features of this region. The resort is kids-friendly. They are probably happy with a swimming pool already, but here they can also grow their own vegetables or go on a treasure hunt.


Check out: www.barrocal.pt