23 July 2021


Just outside of Leuven you’ll find Mud Residence, a villa from the 60s restored by Antwerp based architect Andy Kerstens.


Sober lines

The owners of Mud Residence, who live next door, had an eye on this villa for years already. When the former owner left and they could buy it, the couple hired Andy Kerstens to create a warm, minimalistic guesthouse for four people. He kept the original details of the house alive, but upgraded it by using sober lines, floor-to-ceiling windows and a lot of natural materials. Such as limestone, flagstone and wood. The interior consists only of the essentials without being too minimalistic. A wonderful round sofa in front of a cupboard full of (design, art and travel) books. A bedroom with a freestanding bath tub by Studio LoHo (by Jo Hoeven of this wonderful b&b in Bruges). And a limestone kitchen island combined with wooden bar stools.


Hot tub

Apart from the aesthetically pleasing design and architecture, the owners know how to pamper their guests. From small things such as a hand wash from Le Labo and the inspiring library to bigger things such as a complete private spa underneath the house including an infrared sauna and a hot tub outside. The garden deserves a special mention as well. One of my favorite places of the house was the Bea Mombaers x Serax armchair overlooking the green garden with a more than impressive tree above the Weltevree hot tub. It felt like being in France for a moment.


Surrounding nature

As Mud Residence is close to Leuven (14 minute drive), Zaventem Airport (23 minutes) and Brussels (35 minutes) you’ll have lots to discover. You can take the electric bikes into the city, but people who love cycling will probably prefer to discover the surrounding nature. From forests to long roads through the hilly grain fields – of course you can also take your own racing bike if you’re in for some leg work. The guesthouse is available for couples, friends or family, but you can also rent it for a brainstorm, team session or event.


Check out: www.mudresidence.com







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