7 August 2020


Amsterdam-based interior brand FEST started in 2013. Seven years later they have two stores in Amsterdam, one in Utrecht and just opened a new store in Antwerp this Summer. We take a look inside the second store in Amsterdam, which has a special feature. A private cinema where you can watch Cinetree films and try out one of FEST’s sofas.



FEST is slowly taken over many living rooms in The Netherlands and abroad as they design modern design sofas, chairs, pillows, rugs and many accessories with an affordable price tag. They work together with designers such as Mae Engelgeer, Sylvain Willenz (of the cool Homerun dining chairs) and Martin Hirth. And of course they also have their own designs. Some of their most popular products are the Dunbar sofa, the Sinclair chair and the pillows of Mae Engelgeer.



For this store – and the one in Antwerp – they worked together with design agency S-P-A-C-E projects. They are also behind some of Ace & Tate stores and the Fabienne Chapot shops. Poetry of Space is the idea behind the design of the store. You will see lots of organic shapes, small stairs that lead to different living room spaces and mirrors that make the place look bigger. You can visit the store for a small present like one of the candles or take your time to try out one of the bigger furniture. A lovely extra is that you can ask for personal interior advice.



If you still can’t make the choice between the Dunbar sofa or the Clay sofa then you can book their private cinema. Throw out your shoes, find some snacks and drinks nearby, start a Cinetree movie and enjoy. Switch between one sofa and the other and you know what will be the couch of your dreams.


Check out: www.festamsterdam.com






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