8 June 2020


Japanese architect Shinichiro Ogata transformed a former hardware store into Ogata, a Japanese shop, restaurant and tea room in Le Marais. 


The art of tea

Japanese architect Shinichiro Ogata is known for his restaurants, tea rooms and a product line and he also completed the interior of five Aesop stores in Japan. Recently, he opened Ogata in Paris, a place where they shine a light on Japanese culture and the art of tea. 


Tea shop with 30 different types of tea

When you arrive you immediately become quiet. The white walls, the height and the sound of water brings you into an almost meditative state. The one that makes you whisper. While we’re still around the corner from busy Rue Vieille du Temple where the traffic, shops and galleries scream for your attention. There are three shops on the ground floor. A tea shop where you can buy as many as 30 different types of tea imported from Japan. A Wagashi boutique for Japanese confectionary (don’t forget to check out the wall made tiles including Japanese baking tins). And in their Atelier you can buy the most beautiful ceramics.



If you want to immerse yourself even more in Japanese culture you can attend a tea ceremony. Sabo is located in the basement and is therefore dark, but very intimate. You hear the sound of water again and the teas are poured in a beautiful teapot by women in stylish Japanese outfits. On the first floor there is a bar with only 15 seats where tea also plays an important role. They have several cocktails made from tea. The restaurant is a breathtaking place in minimalism. Chef Kazuki Watanabe has been working with Ogata for years and serves Japanese dishes here. As Ogata is inspired by Saho – the Japanese art of being – Shinichiro Ogata designed everything himself. Not only the architecture, but also the teapots, ceramics and those beautiful chairs in the restaurant. 


Check out: ogata.com


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