16 February 2018



The Hoxton recently opened its fourth hotel. After two in London and one in Amsterdam, it is now Paris’s turn.


The entrance

As a guest you don’t expect The Hoxton Paris to be that big. Because when you arrive in the narrow street, the façade does say ‘something big happens here’ but that there are several restaurants/bars and 172 rooms isn’t something you would think of. The various buildings were once the home of a minister in the eighteenth century. There were some offices in it before The Hoxton bought it, rebuilt it and opened it as a hotel last September.

Instagram Hot Spot

To get to the check-in desk, you already sense the atmosphere of The Hoxton. You will see that beautiful lobby with the spiral staircase, there’s a terrace (covered with snow when I’m there) and you pass a small seating area with a vertical garden. Soon I learn that this is the Instagram Hot Spot of the hotel. And indeed: there are several ‘photo shoots’ during my stay. The crew at check-in wears a super nice Hoxton sweater – unfortunately not for sale for guests.


The rooms

There are various room types that differ mainly in size, but all have the same interior design. You have the Shoebox, Cosy, Roomy and Biggy. I stay in the cosy, which I actually find very spacious in design, especially for Paris. It is a room with a high ceiling, a beautiful chevron timber floor, a lovely bed and a metal construction around the bathroom.



As a Petite Passport reader and a frequent traveller I assume that you’ve already stayed at one of the Hoxton Hotels, so you may know the breakfast concept. If not: you fill out a form to indicate what time you want your breakfast (consisting of a juice, granola and a banana), you hang the form on your door and in the morning they bring it to your room. Super handy if you’re like me and don’t want to spend to much time having breakfast because there are so many nice addresses to discover in Paris. If you do have more time, it’s also a recommendation to have breakfast in their restaurant.


Restaurant and bar

The name of the restaurant is Rivié, named after the minister who once lived here. You will find French dishes on the menu, which you can also order as room service. There is also a speakeasy bar on the first floor called Jacques’ Bar, inspired by Morocco. Bestsellers are the Majorelle and the Jacques Snapper cocktails.


Check out: www.thehoxton.com


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