15 November 2019


What started with a pedal bin exactly eighty years ago, turned into a design brand with lots of home accessories, the famous black kitchen and a furniture line. Vipp wanted more and in 2017 they opened up a hotel that is ‘fully booked once you’ve checked in’. The Vipp Shelter, on a lake in Sweden, was the first one, after that they opened a loft in Copenhagen and this year they opened  Vipp Chimney House.


Former water pumping station

In a residential area in the North of Copenhagen called Hellerup there was an abandoned former water pumping station with a big chimney. Together with the architects of Studio David Thulstrup Vipp saw a lot of potential in the building and they decided to make a holiday home out of it. With of course a central role for their kitchen. David Thulstrup, known for the interiors of noma and Vipp Loft, pays homage to the former function of the building by a beautiful staircase that lets you look up to the chimney.


Family and friends

The Vipp Chimney House has an open layout with a living room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor. The perfect place to relax with family or friends. Especially for those who love to cook as you’ll love the big kitchen (and the champagne in the fridge). The nearest supermarket is a 10-minute walk away. You’re also close to the beach and as you’re already up North you can easily combine it with a visit to Louisiana, the museum of modern art. It takes you 20 minutes to get to Norrebro Station in the center of Copenhagen.


Check out: www.vipp.com


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