7 March 2022


What started with the design of a pedal bin grew into a large Danish family business that is also known for their iconic V1 kitchen as well as bucket-list hotel Vipp Shelter. Last year Vipp’s Supper Club was revealed: a unique and intimate restaurant experience in a former Pencil Factory.


100-year old factory

Located on the other side of the river, the Islands Brygge neighborhood in Copenhagen was once a raw harbor area. One of the industrial buildings there was the 100-year-old Pencil Factory where, you guessed it, they made pencils. Now it has been refurbished and Vipp has transformed one of the spaces into a Supper Club. Of course with their latest V2 model kitchen where they regularly invite chefs to prepare a dinner for the 26 guests at a long communal table.


Guest chefs

The often creative guests mingle with each other while enjoying a menu made by, for example, Torsten Vildgaard. The right-hand of Rene Redzepi of Noma was invited in December. And at the end of March Emilie Qvist (from fish restaurant Medvind) will make her appearance. For chefs the Supper Club is a chance to cook in a small scale setting, while guests feel at home and can look right into the kitchen.


The space

The space immediately catches the eye because of the Dinesen floor, the art on the wall, but also because of the sculptures, vases and furniture. It is the work of interior architect Julie Cloos Mølsgaard, who also designed the Vipp Farmhouse. A nice little extra is that they also invite local musical talents to play piano.


Check out: vipp.com/en/kitchen/vipp-supper-club