22 April 2019


Planning a trip to Antwerp soon? This is my list of places you can’t miss.


1. The hottest place to stay is a hotel in a former cloister designed by Vincent van Duysen.



2. If you have something to celebrate, reserve a table at this restaurant.



3. Go to this concept store for their beautiful collection, gallery and the good coffee.



4. If you love books, you can’t miss a visit to this cafe and book store.



5. Also designed by Vincent van Duysen is this apartment, shop and restaurant.



6. A good place for a healthy lunch.



7. If you want to be inspired go to a Gathering or Masterclass at Jackie Boheme.



8. Shopping for plants? Then this is the place to go.



9. I really liked the pizzas at this pizza bar in Het Groenkwartier.



10. If you love fish go to the newly opened Fiskeskur on ‘t Eilandje.



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