18 August 2017


In a former wood warehouse in Tilburg you can now find De Houtloods. An industrial restaurant with a lovely terrace.


At the Spoorzone

De Spoorzone is an upcoming area in Tilburg. As it is located on the Northside of Central Station references to trains are everywhere. Neighbor Eetbar de Wagon for example sits in a former train repair station. And De Houtloods, as the name already suggests, houses in a former wood warehouse. They wanted to keep the history visible, so the outside has a pretty rough outlook, but they worked with an extra glass wall to keep it modern.


Nik Tonglet in the open kitchen

De Houtloods has an open kitchen so you can see the chefs prepare your food. They are open for lunch and dinner and the menu is divided into light, spicy, rich and sweet dishes. And every category has an option for meat-, fish- and vegetarian foodies. Every few weeks they change the menu a bit so it matches the season. On the table you’ll find a leather bag with cutlery, sticks and it’s even possible to eat with your hands if you wish. Chef is Nik Tonglet who worked at Luke Dale Roberts The Test Kitchen in Cape Town and did internships at noma and The Fat Duck.


Check out: www.houtloods.com