23 February 2016


If you weren’t planning a trip to Antwerp already, I hope you jump into your car, train or even an airplane to visit the beautiful store St Vincents as soon as possible. It’s located in the center, but if you don’t know about it you will probably walk past it. Once this spacious building was used as an work space for a printing company. They stripped it completely – although we still see an old printer and two old offices were kept to use as pop up stores later. The owners met when they both worked in law in Amsterdam. Henri is from Antwerp, Geraldine lived all around the world and told me she especially loved her time in Barcelona. They decided to completely turn their life around: from the fast pace of the corporate world to slow living in a concept store with products they’ve curated very carefully. Like the ambiance trigger of Zenology, beautiful clothes of Anecdote, multi-purpose bags by Bukvy, beautiful leather bags by Arteria and the baseball-jacket vests for men by Monsieur Lacenaire. It’s hard to spot any Belgium brands, but that is because they like to present unique items to their clients. Then there’s a gallery upstairs and a coffee bar downstairs where a barista from Australia makes coffee with the beans of The Barn Roastery in Berlin. Oh and they also serve tea from Paper + Tea, also from Berlin. I’ve ordered a lemonade and when I studied the menu I see they also serve Matcha tea. That’s something I like to try next time!


Check out: www.stvincents.co









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