10 October 2020



Studio Penelope is a stylish guesthouse near the Middelheim Museum. With a kitchen, living room, patio and one of the best beds you can think of it’s the perfect getaway for a weekend in Antwerp.




Near the Middelheim Museum

Studio Penelope isn’t located in the center of Antwerp, but around the corner from the Middelheim Museum. In this quiet neighbourhood, the city bikes are within walking distance and you can reach Standard Pizza in the Groenkwartier in a ten-minute bike ride. The owners of Studio Penelope live above the studio , which has been furnished with a great sense of taste and lots of surprises.


Powder pink bedroom

Iris Smarnakis is overflowing with ideas and is mainly guided by her gut feeling. Studio Penelope can thus be called a contemporary refuge of Marie Antoinette with lots of color, organic shapes and art. The powder pink bedroom exudes femininity, while the purple living room is very powerful in color. There is also a spacious patio, a bathroom, toilet with erotic wallpaper and a kitchen with dining room. And if you see a piece of furniture that you want to take home? Almost everything is for sale.


Hidden key gets you to a present

You want a hotel to be better than home and that certainly is the case here with one of the best hotel beds I’ve ever slept in. In addition, there are many extras: inspiring coffee table books, a welcome package with delicious food and drinks and a nice music system. If you look for the hidden key and find it, you can also open a safe for a nice present. Definitely a good stay for couples, but also for those who want to rent the space for an event, can rent Studio Penelope.


Check out: www.studiopenelope.com