26 April 2014


Nomad is located in Surry Hills and when I enter the restaurant the whole bar is full of wine glasses and wine bottles. This afternoon, there’s a wine tasting going on, so they are already preparing the event. The restaurant is not only a good place to try the Australian cuisine, but also the wines coming from Australia. And if you know that chef Nathan Sasi previously worked for Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner, I don’t need to explain something about the quality of the food. That’s outstanding. What they want to do is bring back forgotten techniques like making cheese, smoking, charcuterie and wood firing. Nomad is situated in an old warehouse that has been transformed into a restaurant where they old details are still clearly visible. For example you can still see the old pulleys. Also don’t forget to look at the beautiful tablewear designed by Malcolm Greenwood.


Check out: www.restaurantnomad.com.au