BY MÖLLE HATTEM - Petite Passport

27 November 2023


3 reasons to go there:


1.If you like checking out the full collection of Dutch natural homewear brand By Mölle that consists put of blankets, pillows, linen sheets and of course their beautiful linen curtains. They also give advice and you can see the colors/fabrics in real life.


2.If you like shopping for timeless interior items by other brands. Their collection ranges from scented candles to furniture, all handmade in Europe.


3.If you like having a cup of coffee or tea with some homemade pie. They also have a small cafe.


Did you know they also have three slow stay locations? Check out ‘t Witte Huis, Lemelerberg Lodge and the Pine Cabin.


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Kruisstraat 3, 8051 GD Hattem, Netherlands

In the neigbourhood

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