12 September 2023


Pauline Egge of Petite Passport is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with ceramic artist Giulia Cosenza. The Rotterdam entrepreneurs came up with a collection City Vases, inspired by Petite Passport’s design city guides, and a translation of Pauline’s experiences of the cities in form through Giulia’s hands and artistic vision.


Ceramist Giulia Cosenza always travels with the design recommendations of Petite Passport and when these two Rotterdammers met for the first time in Giulia’s atelier at Huidenclub, the idea for a collection of City Vases was born.



Feel and touch


Giulia approaches her work by feel and touch. After all, ceramics is a craft where the tactile is the translation of a feeling, a state of mind or a memory into our physical world. Having traveled throughout Europe’s various cities, this is where Giulia and Pauline found their common fascination. You can describe a city through its atmosphere, its rawness, refinement or its elegance and that was the starting point of this collaboration. But isn’t the joy of traveling through cities more about the memories, the landmarks in our minds? The City Vases are the outcome of these feelings, translated through the power of touch into the physical. In-so-being their existence and their expression is a way to materialize fleeting memories into shapes and compositions.



In the voids between


A city is a collection of objects and buildings, but it is in the voids in between where we walk and meet people that we really experience the city. The City Vases therefore not only translate Pauline’s feelings, memories and impressions, but also show the city in form, and the negative space in between. As a result, the vases have been conceived as a collection of these shapes, a city-scape so-to-speak, where the shapes and their negative spaces interplay in a sculptural almost architectural composition.



European landscape


The limited-edition collection consists of eight City Vases. All cities shine in their individuality, but they also work as a family, a European landscape so to say. Besides Antwerp, Rotterdam and Paris, there are also vases from Copenhagen, Barcelona, Lisbon, Berlin and Amsterdam (see the whole collection here)



The ultimate souvenir, in an abstract way


For the design, Giulia has chosen to place each vase on a pedestal. It is almost as if you bundle all those happy memories and experiences in a city and give them extra value. In other words: the ultimate souvenir, but in an abstract way.





Price: € 395 for the City Vase and City Guide – excl shipping costs.


The City Vases collection will be exclusively available at Petite Passport’s webshop:



About Petite Passport


Petite Passport is a platform for design travellers. Via a site, social media channels and a series of city guides founder Pauline Egge guides her readers to the most beautiful places on earth. Follow Petite Passport at



About Giulia Cosenza


Giulia Cosenza is an Italian born, Rotterdam based ceramist. Originally trained as an interior architect, 8 years ago she stepped into the world of ceramics. Her work comprises both wheel-thrown as well as hand-built pieces which can be situated between the functional and the sculptural. Her work has been exhibited in several exhibitions across Europe. Process has a huge importance to her as a way to let the hands speak, giving space to her intuition. In February she opened her atelier at Huidenclub, where you can follow private pottery-classes, given by the ceramist herself and tailor made to you. Follow Giulia Cosenza at




Photography: Marieke Verdenius
Location: Huidenclub 
Photography setting: stainless steel arena by Heim+Viladrich

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