2 August 2023


3 reasons to go there:


1.If you like having an off-the-grid experience in rural Sweden where you’ll sleep in a basic cabin with a compost toilet and shared showers.


2.If you like enjoying the most delicious food coming straight out the garden/forest. The founders of Stedsans in the Woods were also behind Ostergro restaurant in Copenhagen and wanted to live a slower life in nature. They cook on open fire, share their natural wine and present the food on a long communal table where you’ll meet other like-minded people.


3.If you like doing more than eating the best zucchini’s with goat cheese or wild boar. Stedsans in the Woods also organize events throughout the day. From meditation to forest gym and from a workshop plant medicine to a natural wine tasting. If you just want to use the sauna with a view over the lake you can also do so.


Check out: www.stedsans.org







Visit us

Bohult Stedsans in the Woods 109, 314 91 Hyltebruk, Sweden

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