10 August 2023


3 reasons to go there:


1.If you like trying out the latest restaurant by Michelinstar chefs Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman, who are also behind Adam/Albin. The inspiration comes from all over the world, therefore you can expect pizza and pasta, but they also play with flavors from the Middle East and Mexico.


2.If you like seeing the striking interior done by Specific Generic, a Swedish design practice who is also behind several Acne Studios stores, Box Art flower store in Stockholm and many other projects.


3.If you like discovering a brand new area of the city. The Slakthus area is the former meatpacking district of Stockholm, and new development area where you’ll find many new restaurants, cafes and especially apartments in the next 5 years. Solen, sun in Swedish, is one of the first.


Check out: www.solen.se