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23 January 2023


Visiting the coolest places in the world gives a lot of inspiration. Although the focus is on photographing the interior, there is also a lot to discover in the details. A hand wash, a design item, a book or a piece of clothing. In this new column I’m going to share these finds with you every month. 10 pieces of inspiration, let’s go!


Moro Essentials


The campaign image of the Belgian Moro Essentials was shot at the beautiful Soul for City in Ghent. Don’t you want such a bottle on your kitchen counter, especially if you learn that you save a lot of unnecessary plastic packaging with your purchase. It works as follows: you buy a bottle that you fill with water and add a sachet of hand wash to it. It then lasts as long as a normal hand wash, after which you can continue to use the bottle: you simply add a new sachet.



The Boyscouts


Rotterdam based The Boyscouts makes timeless jewelery that stands out because of its powerful designs without too much fuss. And because they use durable, high-quality materials, they last a very long time. New is their collaboration with Depot, for which they have designed a special collection based on the abstract curves of the building. Of course in silver, matching the mirror color of the building. The jewelry is only for sale at Depot Boijmans van Beuningen and at The Boyscouts (also online).



City Country Coast


After Eat Drink Nap and Morning Noon Night, Soho House has published its third book. In City Country Coast we can look inside the newly opened Houses and learn how we can integrate the Soho House feeling into our home through interior, cocktail and dinner tips.



Marjolein Delhaas


Nothing better than starting the year with a new To Do List, and the best ones are those by Marjolein Delhaas. I received a yellow one as a Christmas present and have already been able to process 75% of the tasks. She also sells agendas and note books.



A Modern way to Live


I’m a big fan of The Modern House’s Instagram page, a new-style real estate agency that offers the most beautiful designer homes in the UK. It is inspiring because real estate prices in London are of course enormous and the owners always create something unique with their m2s. So now there is a book that teaches us more about what those houses have in common. And, spoiler alert, it’s all about space, light, materials, nature and decoration.



Giraffe Coffee Roasters


The fact that Giraffe Coffee Roasters is one of the best coffee roasters in the Netherlands needs no explanation, judging by the number of coffee bars using their beans (and we are going through them quickly here in the house too). New is the collaboration with the Rotterdam graphic designer Peter Palland, who has designed a scarf and the packaging of their delicious winter coffee.





Sustainable shopping is all about finding timeless items that you can wear for years. Amsterdam based Teym started making the ideal Merino Sweater in 2015 and expanded every year with an extra piece of clothing. So now there are eight items: from the Everyday Suit (with a great jacket!) to The Chelsea boot and from The Bag to The Parka. And the good news is that they just opened their first store in Utrechtsestraat



Herbar Face Oil


At Earl of East in London I’ve discovered Herbar Face Oil, a German skin care brand made from mushrooms. It tends to be a magical solution for all kind of problems: acne, inflammation and an uneven skin tone. And in these winter colds our skin can use a little extra.



Anna + Nina


In December, Anna + Nina opened the first store in Rotterdam. On the Pannekoekstraat they sell jewellery, books, clothes from Ganni and a whole load of Christmas ornaments. They also had a beautiful lamp from the Danish Ferm Living. Not for sale through their online store, but in store



Ichi Antiques


During a Christmas pop up I met dried flower designer Yoko Negi again and she was wearing a great denim jumpsuit with lovely details. Designed by Japanese brand Ichi Antiques





Moro Essentials: Simon Van Rhee 



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