25 October 2021


New hotel platform Moonback is as transparent and fair as possible when it comes to booking a hotel. You won’t see blinking ‘Hurry up! There’s only 1 room left’ buttons, but a pleasantly designed site where you can book a hotel at your own pace. Moonback shows you where your money is going (hint: most of it goes to the hotel itself, compared to other booking sites) and if you have any questions, the hotel itself will help you out.



Moonback launched the site in Antwerp where Hotel Pilar is one of the hotels you can book. And more recently they’ve added Rotterdam to the site with Petite Passport favorite Supernova Hotel among others. Slowly they will also introduce other cities to their platform. So keep an eye on their site or their Instagram.



To celebrate the launch of Rotterdam Moonback organized a tour through the city where we stopped at Kino, the cinema without popcorn, at the Kop van Zuid with Hotel New York, at the roof terrace of Room Mate Bruno and at Restaurant Heroine for a delicious dinner.


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The tour started at Rotterdam Central Station



First stop was Kino, the cinema without popcorn but with a restaurant and an independent selection of movies



On our way to the Watertaxi in Veerhaven where we passed Rotterdam latest prestigious housing project (Zalm Haven).



View of the Kop van Zuid with Hotel New York, one of the hotels you can book via Moonback



Margreeth Olsthoorn on the Kop van Zuid 



The view from the rooftop of Room Mate Bruno, one of the hotels you can book via Moonback



Dinner at Heroine in Rotterdam



A stay at Supernova Hotel, one of the hotels you can book via Moonback 



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