13 October 2021


Last Friday FEST Rotterdam opened the doors of the fifth FEST store in Rotterdam. In what once was a chocolaterie, you can now find affordable design items. From a candle to a sofa.


Success story

Femke Furnée, the founder of FEST, started her label in 2013 when she felt the urge to create design items without a heavy price tag. The few items she had by then turned out to be a big success and in 2016 she opened her first store on the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam. Five years later, the second store opened in Amsterdam, and the first ones in Utrecht, Antwerp and, since last week, in Rotterdam.



This time they also worked together with Pepijn Smit of S-P-A-C-E projects for the interior of the store. Naturally in line with the characteristic FEST style, but with a modernist edge. The cabinet with home accessories has a black and white color palette, there is a funky metallic counter and on the first floor the red neon lights stand out. The first floor was converted into an apartment where you can get some interior advise with a typical Rotterdam view.


Check out: www.festamsterdam.com