24 September 2021


If you want to explore more of Denmark than just Copenhagen, take the car for just under two hours and arrive in Lolland where you can spend the night in a cute forest house called Vipp Farmhouse.


Forest stay

Via a muddy dirt road (it has stormed and rained the weekend before) you’ll arrive at a sheltered spot in the forest where you’ll see the Vipp Farmhouse. A place with enough nature around it to enjoy the sunset over the fields or a summer dinner in the garden in front of the house.


Writer’s retreat

I arrive in February on a sunny but cold day. The temperature in the house is wonderfully warm and as soon as you enter you understand that this is a place where writers like to work on a new novel. Or where people enjoy the surrounding nature (you can make beautiful walks and the area has never-ending beaches) and retreat to the couch in the evening with a good book. You can go there alone or with six people: the house has three bedrooms.


Unique place to stay

The Vipp Farmhouse is an initiative of the Danish design brand Vipp, who opened their first one-room hotel in 2017 and now have five unique places to stay. The interior of the Vipp Farmhouse consists almost entirely of the Vipp collection: from the kitchen to the sofas and from the glasses to the office chairs. The Danish interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard has brought it together and supplemented it with art, objects and beautiful bedspreads.



The white thatched house stands in the woods belonging to the estate of the owners of Søllestedgaard. There you will find a beautiful castle and the restaurant Den Grønne Verden where people come from far and wide to taste the pure flavors from the land of Søllestedgaard. They also have a boutique where you can buy your own fresh fruits and vegetables.


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