30 June 2021


Last week I went on a holiday to Zakynthos, one of the sunniest islands of Greece and popular due to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (Ship Wreck Beach). The main purpose was to relax in this hotel after lockdown, but of course we also did a boat tour and had dinner at a lovely restaurant overlooking the sea. Let’s see what caught my eye!



The view from our room at this beautiful design hotel



Alex, the skipper of Blue Shore Private Cruises, took us on a speed boat to the touristic sights such as Shipwreck Beach



Ship Wreck beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Our skipper told us that normally the beach is full of people, but due to Covid it’s less touristy now and you almost have the beach for yourself. 



The good thing of going on a private tour is that you can stop where you want and jump in the sea. This was an empty beach around the corner of Ship Wreck Beach



Of course we also visited the Blue Caves



And some other azure blue beaches – highly recommend booking a tour with Blue Shore Private Cruises



Daily walk to the bar for lunch at the hotel we were staying at



Definitely visit sea food restaurant Bassia on top of a hill overlooking the sea



Late night atmosphere at Bassia Restaurant


Note: Also add Taverna Porto Limnionas to your list, a lovely beach bar overlooking a beautiful bay. Enjoy! 


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