12 October 2020



Far away from the primary colored kids playgrounds a new bunch of entrepreneurs is combining design with kids-friendliness. We’ve teamed up with Bugaboo as they launch the Bugaboo Bee 6 this month, a compact and lightweight stroller with extra big wheels so you can easily explore the city. Ok: you have the most adorable child in the world and you’ve got your beautifully designed stroller, the only thing missing is a list of places to go. So here you go: 10 design friendly kids-spots in Dutch cities. Let’s explore!


De Boomhuttenclub in The Hague


De Boomhuttenclub is a new style playground for children who can climb up and down the treehouses, sit down on one of the small tables to draw a painting or be the captain of a small boat. Although kids will have a great time here, the place was designed for parents who like to have a good coffee or lunch in a cool environment when they are away with kids. Also check out Woodchuck, the company that designed the place and sells wooden furniture you’ll love.



(Image by Sarah Prins)


Supernova in Rotterdam


If you want to turn your children into design hotel lovers, a visit to Supernova in Rotterdam is a good start. They have special family rooms: spacious kingsize bunkbeds they will love AND a pink bathroom. From the hotel it’s only a small stroll to The Tea Lab where they serve delicious pancakes.



Nijntje Museum in Utrecht


Nijntje is already 65 years old, but kids still love Dick Bruna’s take on the cute rabbit. In Utrecht you can visit Nijntje Museum (Miffy Museum) where children can discover even more about their favorite cartoon character.



(Image by Ernst Moritz) 


Gray Label in Amsterdam


Gray Label is a Dutch organic kids label for those of you who love basic clothes in superb quality. The store is located in the 9 Straatjes in Amsterdam, so you can combine it with a stroll along the canals.



De Republiek in Bloemendaal


De Republiek isn’t located in the city, but as the Bugaboo Bee 6 is super light weighted and you can fold it with one-hand it comes in handy when visiting a beach pavilion too. Children love the beach and the pizza’s at De Republiek are their favorite.



Movie theatre
FC Hyena in Amsterdam


FC Hyena is a cool boutique cinema in Amsterdam-Noord. Yes, the colors of the interior are vibrant (something kids love), but in a stylish way. Combine lunch with a movie for kids such as Bigfoot Family or Trolls Wereldtour.



Artis in Amsterdam


The most beautiful, and oldest, zoo of The Netherlands is Artis. Children of all ages and their parents love to explore all the animals: from gorilla’s to flamingo’s and from lions to birds. Combine your visit with lunch at De Plantage next door.



Parqiet in Rotterdam


If the sun is out and you’re ready to combine a walk along the river Maas with a coffee, apple juice and something sweet, go to Parqiet in the Park nearby the Euromast. They have a small kids-corner with toys and books and the park is there for them to explore.



Children’s bookstore
De Kleine Kapitein in Rotterdam


What Boekhandel Dominicanen in Maastricht is for us adults, is De Kleine Kapitein for kids. They have an enormous collection of children’s books – from picture books to young adult stories. And across the street you’ll find Maed for Mini, a cool kids clothing store.



Bugaboo in Amsterdam


The flagship store of Bugaboo is located on the Keizersgracht where you can try out all their different strollers – including the new Bugaboo Bee 6. Bugaboo launched its first stroller in 1999 and since then world’s most stylish kids can call it their first ride. The Dutch brand excels in high quality and easy to use products. Their continuous search for innovation leads to new products so they can help parents navigate life with a child in a fun and adventurous way.



For more info: www.bugaboo.com