3 April 2020



As the COVID-19 virus is affecting all of our favorite restaurants, shops and hotels I’ve decided to update my site with not only the places I’ve been to, but also the ones who are on my list for ages. So you can find tons of extra inspiration on my website and together we can support those places with a visit once this whole virus is over again. I will add new ones to the site every day. Check out the New Spot page to see them all. And of course the rest of the database as I now have time to write even more articles. 


Stay inside, surf to New Spots and to Destinations, get out your notebook and start making new travel plans! x Pauline



Love this getaway in the country side of Australia – image by Lisa Cohen



Imagine taking a bath at this beautiful design spot in Hobart, Tasmania – image by Lauren Bamford 



Get out of Boston and stay at this motel in North Adams – image by Nicole Franzen



Making plans to go to Santorini? Get away from all the tourist spots and stay in this hotel instead



Just one hour from Paris you’ll find this kids-friendly escape



Septime Paris now also has a restaurant and place to stay in Normandy



A co-working space and lunch spot in the heart of Brussels 



This plant store is part of a cool b&b in Brussels 



A coffee and lunch spot in a former brothel in Sydney



This is what a spa suppose to look like right? 

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