9 March 2020


Republiek in the chic beach town of Bloemendaal recently re-opened as a permanent beach club with a pretty impressive interior.


From temporary beach club to permanent residence

Republiek first opened in 1999 and was a success with its Balinese atmosphere and big Buddha facing sunseekers on daybeds. As Summer doesn’t last forever in The Netherlands, lots of beach clubs open their doors temporarily. Just like Republiek did year after year. Until this year when the beach club opened a permanent residence in a brand-new building, but with the same beautiful sea view.


5 meters tall windows

The people behind Republiek are also behind Amsterdam-based spots such as Morgan & Mees, Van ‘t Spit and Brut de Mer. Anne Claus did the interiors of all their hospitality projects and worked on the new beach club too. The first thing you’ll notice is the height of the building and in particular the 5 meters tall windows. Which means there’s lots of light coming in, even on a cold and grey winter day. One of the challenges for the designer was to create a space that’s warm, inviting and timeless during all of the seasons and for all kind of people. She managed more than perfect: it can easily fit into a list with most beautiful beach clubs in the world.



Why is the space different than what we’ve seen before? First of all, the unique 5 meters tall windows can open completely and have a beautiful view over the beach and the sea. For the interior she used organic and natural materials, such as a specific micro cement for the walls. The furniture really stands out. You’ll notice chairs by Danish design brand Fredericia, next to a bamboo chair the designer bought in Java and a lamp of PSlab from Beirut. Plus, she made a lot of furniture herself. Like the couches, the tables and some chairs.



Republiek isn’t only open throughout the year, but also throughout the day, from breakfast to late at night. You can come in for a coffee, or have a delicious lunch. I’ve tried a sweet potato with halloumi and gremolata on flat bread. For dinner they have pizza on the menu, just like steak frites and spelt risotto.


Check out: republiekbloemendaal.nl









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