11 November 2019


Last week I went to Copenhagen to visit the latest design spots. The city continues to inspire with the high level of cool places to go, but also with things to buy.


I’m not the best shopper in the world, but in Copenhagen I always find something I would like to bring home. A book (The Touch by Norm Architect and Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams), an illustration by Nina Bruun for The Paper Collective, a new winter coat by &Other Stories and a knitted sweater for colder days at Arket. I brought back home a magazine I bought at 11o, and a candle holder from Menu (which sadly broke in my suitcase) and since this all couldn’t fit in my Horizn trolley, I bought a fantastic bag of Day Birger et Mikkelsen at the airport I can also use as a weekend bag for 1 or 2-day trips (in the same navy color as my suitcase). You see: Copenhagen inspires you in food, shopping and in places to stay.


I remember when the first Copenhagen Guide came out I only had one hotel to mention in it and now there are eight cool hotels in it. Cities do develop in waves depending on politics and the entrepreneurial spirit of the government. In Amsterdam we don’t see a lot of cool independent openings at the moment as the government makes it so hard – and expensive – to open something new. Luckily there were a lot of amazing places in Copenhagen, so I’ve gathered them all for you in the new Copenhagen Guide. Enjoy!


For now, let’s see what caught my eye during my week in Copenhagen: