20 August 2018


Copenhagen excels in design. It started in the 50’s with designers such as Hans Wegner and Borge Mogensen, and today the Danes are rapidly opening the coolest addresses without forgetting their rich past. I was in Copenhagen last week to spot all those new addresses. So I can guide you to them via the brand new Copenhagen Guide!


Apart from making 27 (!) Tried & Tested’s, I always take note of the small things I notice while I’m on the road. Things that make my heart smile. I love to share some of them with you:



It starts at the airport. There are spots such as Mikkeller, 42 Raw, Paté Paté and Wood Wood. So even if you only have a stopover at Copenhagen Airport, you can already enjoy their food, beer, wine, and clothing.


Petite Passport Guides

It is so rewarding to spot the Petite Passport Guides in such beautiful places. For example at Sirin in Frederiksberg. Or at the new Copenhagen Contemporary in Refshaleoen.





From Portugal with love

The Portuguese brand Rug by Gur is hot in Copenhagen. I came across it at various addresses. Do you remember my stay at Casa Mae in Lagos? All the rooms had one above the bed, they sold them in their shop, and they made a collection especially for the hotel.




Flower Pots

After Cactus, the girls opened Plant, because they wanted to sell more than just cactuses. In a corner, I’ve spotted a cupboard with underneath four small flower pots. Very funny and creative. Also, take a look at those beautiful thick curtains.




I took a picture of a beautiful black house with two bicycles in front of it. Later I found out that one of the bikes belonged to Yoga Mood. A super nice yoga and Ayurveda studio in Copenhagen. So if you want to extend your trip with yoga, check their site.




As it was 25 degrees, I’ve ordered refreshing drinks all week. Especially the elderflower and rhubarb drinks are on the menu everywhere. And on my visit to this rooftop farm in Osterbro, every dish was accompanied by a delicious juice.



Exploring the city by bike

Exploring the city by bike is the best way. Suddenly I’ve biked across this fantastic street with all colored houses. Don’t you want to live here?



Lille Pas

Fun fact: did you know that Petite Passport means ‘Lille Pas’ in Danish?


The Home by Ferm Living

At The Home by Ferm Living, they had just presented the new autumn/winter collection. I especially liked the candle holder of concrete (see on the right of the picture).



You can find all of my favorite addresses in The Copenhagen Guide. First in the online version, later in the printed version! I hope I can make you just as enthusiastic as I am about the city!


Warm wishes, Pauline