11 July 2018


I love to travel where I never been before. Washington DC wasn’t high on my wishlist until this hotel opened its doors a few months ago. I’ve caught a train from New York (3 hours train ride) and started exploring. And the city surprised me more than I could imagine.


More than politics

Washington DC is often described as the political capital of the world and by visiting you can learn all about the presidents of the United States, see the White House and visit all those other political high lights such as the Washington Monument, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the Capitol. But there’s more to see. As the surroundings around the National Mall have a business outlook – you’ll see lots of people in suits – you can also find more creative areas such as Adams Morgan (where you will find this cool hotel) and Georgetown (where you will find lots of shops, cafes, like Blue Bottle Coffee, and more). In Georgetown, you just have to go wandering through the side streets of the commercial roads and you will find the most amazing (and super photogenic) houses.



Also, I have to talk about the museums. If you love art, you have to visit Washington DC one day. The amount of impressive artworks is super high. From the yellow pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden to works of the Dutch masters at the National Gallery of Art. And the good news is that all the museums are for free. It will take days to visit them all though. I couldn’t see the Library of Congress which is the world’s largest library with almost 150 million books. The National Portrait Gallery is still on my list. And last week The National Building Museum opened the monumental exhibition Fun House by Snarkitecture last week, and that’s also a must (through September 3rd, 2018).


For now: let’s see what caught my eye!



The hotel I stayed at



Wandering through the streets of Georgetown 



Blue Bottle Coffee in Georgetown 



Beautiful houses in Georgetown



Yayoi Kusama at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden 



Archives of the United States of America



The National Gallery of Art 



The National Gallery of Art 



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Hotel in a former church


Hotel in a former church