10 July 2017


Concept store 512 Nijmegen is already a well-known name. They had a store at the Lange Hezelstraat in Nijmegen but outgrown it, so they decided to look for a new location. And found a spacious building where they now have fashion, plants and tea under one roof.


Don’t forget to smile if you look at the beautiful stuff in your bag

The Van Broeckhuysenstraat is in the center, but it has a village atmosphere with independent cafes and shops lining up next to each other. You will notice 512 Nijmegen immediately because of the polkadot bike in front of it. I still remember the saying above the counter of their old store and it’s still here. It says: Houdoe, tot ziens, leuk dat je er was! Vergeet niet te lachen als je kijkt naar de leuke spullen in je tas’. Translation: ‘Houdoe, goodbye, lovely to have you here! Don’t forget to smile if you look at the beautiful stuff in your bag’.



Their positive outlook translates into the rest of the store. They have a beautiful collection of fashion brands like Won Hundred, Things I like Things I love and Libertine Libertine and their own brand Wakker with a lot of good basics. Named after the owner of the store, Jettie Wakker.



If you’re more into plants than fashion you’re also at the right place. At bleshyou you can buy all sorts of plants and it’s also a plant asylum. For example people who are moving and don’t have space for a certain plant can bring it to them so they can give it a second life (maybe at your place). The cafe is true a beauty. Completely decorated with tons of plants is it the perfect place to enjoy a tea – and a magazine.


Check out: www.512-nijmegen.nl 


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