14 April 2017


During the 6-week Super City Trip I flew with Cathay Pacific to Asia and Australia. Cathay Pacific always holds a warm place in my heart because my first big trip ever (to Australia and Asia as a backpacker when I was 20) was booked with that airline as well. And now, 15 years later, I can make that adventurous journey again, but then with you, the wonderful readers of Petite Passport. Life Well Travelled is Cathay Pacific’s motto. They are not there to carry passengers from point A to point B alone, because they offer a complete experience and pay attention to every little detail. Today I like to take you with me on board to share my experience with Cathay’s Life Well Travelled:


Life Well Travelled on The Pier


As a Business and First Class passenger you can check-in at The Pier on Hong Kong International Airport. British designer Ilse Crawford is the designer of this lounge so you can imagine it is a real feast for your eyes. I took some time to look around because the lounge is quite big (there’s room for 550 (!) passengers) but it just feels very cozy with all the different seating areas. She created a homely setting – or even better: as a traveller it feels like you ended up in a very nice hotel lobby. There’s a high-speed internet connection, there are many magazines and newspapers to read and you can basically eat and drink whatever you want. You can wash your hands with Aesop in the toilets and in, or very near, every seat is a charging station so you can recharge your empty phone.


Lay-out of the lounge
The Pier is divided into several areas: a Noodle Bar, a relaxing lounge, a tea bar, a food hall, shower suites and a relaxation area. I’m going to tell more, and especially show more, in this post about The Pier alone, but everything looks beautiful and you really think to yourself that the two hours you have to wait for your flight isn’t enough.


Solo Chair
You should definitely try to take place in the Solo Chair and to use the Shower Suite. The Solo Chair is designed exclusively for Cathay Pacific, but you actually like to have it at home as well. That’s because the chair looks nice, feels soft, there’s a charger worked into it and you’ll have a small table in front of it for your laptop. You don’t need more as a freelance entrepreneur. Whether it is very ergonomic for the long time I don’t know, but in this lounge you will enjoy it with a capital E.



Shower Suites
Then there are the Shower Suites. I know that travelling, especially if you have crossed several time zones and walk around with a jet lag, is exhausting, but a visit to one of these suites will cheer you up. Trust me. First: it looks beautiful and you can also take your carry-on with you so you can take your make-up bag or warmer clothing immediately. Then they have the whole beauty line of Aesop available for you to use. You can wash your hair with it, shower with it so you know you will be the best smelling person on the flight and give your face a treat. The light is also superb. No fluorescent beams that make you look like you haven’t seen the light for months, but rather: ‘hey, where have you been on holiday’. The only danger with The Pier is that you’re enjoying it too much and you miss your flight.



Life Well Travelled on Board


The last time I flew to Australia with Cathay Pacific, I’ve tried out their Premium Economy and now I was experiencing the flight as a Business Class passenger. And that’s basically heaven in terms of flying. Your chair is a big armchair that can be adjusted as a completely flat bed so you can sleep there. Sleeping on planes is difficult especially if you crossed several time zones and your body is still awake, but in here you will definitely succeed. You also get a thick, warm blanket over you.



Welcome on board
But before we go to sleep let’s start with the first impression: a warm welcome with a glass of champagne. Flying Business Class means you’re among the first passengers on the plane so you have the time to get settled. You get luxury headphones connected to the flat screen television showing the latest movies. Since the Oscars had just been broadcasted they showed Oscar favorites such as La La Land and Moonlight. You can also follow series, documentaries or listen, and I was really happy with that, to special travel series of Headspace (the popular meditation app). Such as how to deal with jet lag or how to fall asleep on board. 10 minutes per program – and that is nothing on an 11-hour flight. The big chair also has a table and a folding table for your food, space for your bag and shoes and two windows. Very luxurious and spacious.



Life Well Travelled on your plate


The human taste is totally different on 10km altitude. Therefore Cathay Pacific works with chefs to offer the best flavors on the plane. Right now they are working with Pino Lavarra, chef of the Michelin-starred Tosca at the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong. On the menu for example: Lobster, almonds, romaine and pink pepper dressing, but also octopus terrine with lemon and parsley salad. A more recent collaboration is with Betsy Beer, the world’s first hand-brewed beer you can enjoy in the air. Only available to Business- and First Class travellers from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom, but also in hotspots such as Mr. and Mrs. Fox and The Continental and the airline lounges at Hong Kong International Airport and Heathrow in London. Cheers!


Life Well Travelled overall experience


Almost everyone loves to travel. We love the adventure, seeing and experiencing other cultures and cities and it broadens our horizon. We, as Petite Passport travelers who love design and feel the love for entrepreneurs opening the coolest restaurants, shops and hotels, feel the same love for the entire Cathay Pacific experience. From the nicely designed app for your check-in to the stress-free arrival after a long flight when you’re off the plane, have your luggage and are off to your hotel the fastest possible. And from enjoying The Pier to sleeping for six hours straight on the plane (a record for me as I can never sleep on board). Also I loved to refresh myself with the items in the lovely denim amenity bag designed by Seventy Eight Percent containing the best lip balm ever made by Jurlique. My trip was a real dream trip – I spent six weeks Life Well Travelled and like to ‘copy’ the motto of Cathay Pacific in the coming weeks in order to inspire you in a Life Well Travelled with the best hotspots in Asia and Australia.


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