1 March 2017



I can’t hide my excitement any longer and finally I’m ready to share with you what I’m about to do for the next 6 (!) weeks! I’m going on a Super City Trip to Asia and Australia with Cathay Pacific.


A what? Yes, a Super City Trip is the name I came up with for this trip as I’m visiting quite some destinations. All to inspire you with the most beautiful addresses to go to! Today I’m taking a flight with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong (where I will be staying at the fantastic Hotel Tuve, see picture) where I will be taking you with me on social media (jump in my digital suitcase here) this week. I will walk all those miles, check out a lot of addresses to bring you the best selection. On social media, but of course also on my website.


On social media I like to keep my complete itinerary a surprise and I will reveal every destination when I’m travelling there, but if you’re really curious I’ll reveal the whole itinerary here already. So stop reading if you like to be surprised…




Stop 1. Hong Kong 


Stop 2. Sydney 


Stop 3. Melbourne 


Stop 4. Bali (including a yoga retreat of a week) 


Stop 5. Singapore 


Stop 6. Bangkok 




If you have any recommendations in those cities let me know, so I will add them to the list! You can also share them on social media via #supercitytripcathaypacific so we can also inspire other travellers with the most beautiful addresses in the world!


I like to take the opportunity to thank Cathay Pacific to sponsor this trip so I can inspire you to visit all those amazing addresses in Asia and Australia. Jump aboard and let’s meet on Schiphol today and tomorrow this dream journey of 6 weeks starts in Hong Kong!



My trip is sponsored by Cathay Pacific.


Cathay Pacific flies on a daily base via Hong Kong to almost 200 destinations in Asia and Australia from 595 euros (from Amsterdam to Hong Kong) and from 1030 euros (from Amsterdam to Melbourne). Check out their latest tool called Cathay Fly & Stay so you can book your flight(s) and hotel(s) together. 







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