1 April 2016


Le Festival des Métiers is a tribute to the craftsmen of Hermès and is a traveling exhibition which opens its doors today in Amsterdam. In The Hollandsche Manege, a special and of course relevant location. Hermès started as a saddlery and has now become an exclusive brand we know for their beautiful scarves and bags. One of the most famous is the Birkin Bag, a bag people have to get on the waiting list for to buy it. At this festival you can see the artisans at work: you see them finish ties, make a handle of the Kelly Bag and dyeing scarves. The latter is particularly impressive to see and when you hear that it takes 23 months (!) to make one of those iconic scarves, you understand the price directly. Definitely go there! Until April 10 (closed April 4) and the entrance is free.









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