25 May 2015


If my weekend would have had a theme, it would be the ‘food truck weekend’. On Saturday I’ve watched the highly recommended feel good movie ‘Chef‘ where Casper, a chef in a respected restaurant in Los Angeles decides to quit his job after a food blogger completely destroyed his new menu and he decides to start a food truck. And on Sunday I went to the Palo Alto Market again. Barcelona has a huge food truck scene and they all are decorated beautifully and come together on great events such as Eat Street or the Palo Alto Market. Yesterday I’ve tried the gazpacho of En Compania de Lobos, a crepe with white chocolate, two delicious tacos and paella. It’s a great place to spend a sunny afternoon! Bring your boyfriend, kids and friends and enjoy the food, the music and the independent shops!








Later that day we went to another great weekend event called Salvation Camp III. In an old garage in Gracia young entrepreneurs sold local products like jewelry, shoes and magazines. All surrounded by great coffee and food. Check out their Facebook page for the next event!






For the complete list of cool Barcelona addresses, download The Barcelona Guide, an online travel guide.