12 June 2014


The Nobis Hotel in Stockholm is a big hit since the opening four years ago. The bedrooms have a calm interior and overlook the Normalmstorg, but the cocktails are even more popular by guests and non-guests. Especially the Strawberry Basil Smash who is served more than 40.000 times already (read more about the Nobis Hotel here). Recently the owner of the Nobis Hotel fell in love with a new impressive building on the Sveavägen, a street especially made for the King when he wanted to move quickly from his Palace to his Summer house. Once the new Miss Clara Hotel was a school for girls, and that’s where the name came from: Miss Clara was the principle. Not that there is much visible from the former school, although the steel structure in the staircase came from that time and one of the suites was once a place where the girls were going to pray.


If I ask Gustavo Catenacci, Managing Director of the hotel, where the inspiration for this hotel came from he says they didn’t work that way. There was no theme, no inspiration. The design, furniture and art all came from the heart of the owner. When it touched his heart, it was used, otherwise not. Together with architect Gert Wingårdh they designed the hotel. Many materials used in the hotel have their roots in Sweden. Like the wood the bed is made from: that’s coming from Gothenburg. At the end of the bed, you’ll see a framework of a seat. At first I thought that was just meant for decoration purposes only, but I’ve tried it and you can also lean against it. No shortage of seating space so to say: there is a chaise longe, you can read a book in the bath, but also in the window they’ve created two seating areas. So you can look out over the street where there is always something happening.


Also present at the hotel are a Ballerina Room, a bar and a restaurant serving international cuisine. Every few weeks the menu changes and they put a typical dish from a certain country on it: so if you see Hutspot or Bloemkool on the menu, you know that the Netherlands is the theme. The hotel is very central, all the great spots and shops are on walking distance. But I could also understand if you didn’t want to leave the hotel. Sometimes hotel rooms are so attractive that you want nothing more than you just shut yourself off from the outside world and recharge the battery. You can do that here. Alone or with your great love.


From 155 euro per night, check out: www.missclarahotel.com

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