15 May 2024


In the crowded landscape of wellbeing retreats, it can often be a challenge to make a choice. Is the teacher well-trained? What kind of food will be served? Does the program meet my needs? And is it possible to combine mindfulness with my love for aesthetics in both nature and accommodation? These questions quickly lead to hours of searching, and that’s exactly what Kaer takes off your hands through small-scale, human-centered, life-changing experiences. In locations that are very much Petite Passport proof, such as Es Raco d’Arta in Mallorca, and the good news is that we give-away a €150 (!) discount especially for Petite Passport readers. 


Kaer is an initiative by Amsterdam entrepreneur Barbara den Bak, who has been motivating people to move since 2008. What started with successful boot camps throughout the city eventually led to the founding of High Studios, where she, along with a whole team, organized high-intensity workouts. Her satisfaction came from seeing people become fitter through movement: not just physically, but also mentally. After selling her studios, she began to focus more on the mental aspect, particularly around the question: how can we provide people with a transformative experience through deep self-discovery retreats? And that was the beginning of Kaer.


Kaer Method


Kaer wellness retreats


In their retreats, the so-called Kaer Experiences, they work around the Kaer Method. This method is all about guiding you towards unlocking your full potential. They do this through three steps: connecting (you not only get to know yourself but also meet other people who want to bring out the best in themselves), exploring (try something you’ve never done before), and empowering (ensuring you have the tools to prioritize self-care, even when you’re back home).


Kaer Experiences


Kaer wellness retreats


Let’s now share the Kaer Experiences, the inspiring programs, and the phenomenal locations where they take place:


Mallorca, Spain



In Mallorca, they collaborate with one of the most beautiful hotels in Europe, Es Raco d’Arta, which has a truly magical meditation and yoga space. During the Find Your Chill retreat in May, you focus on mental relaxation through yoga, meditation, breathwork, EFT tapping, and you can spend the rest of the day unwinding in the spa, taking a walk in the surroundings, or enjoying farm-to-table dinners with a panoramic view. The October experience focuses on Sculpt and Align. Read more here.


The Dolomites, Italy



The Dolomites in Northern Italy naturally call for awe and discovery, and through Kaer’s Mountain Mastery experience (from June 9-12), they combine daily hikes with a professional hiking guide and breathwork. This way, you learn how to build your mental strength during physical challenges, and perhaps precisely because of this, you also make new friends. They also have an experience in September. Read more here.


Northern Portugal and Comporta, Portugal



In Portugal, they have two exciting experiences: Catching Waves takes place in Northern Portugal where you combine surfing with yoga and stay at the holistic wellbeing hotel FeelViana (from June 26-30). Meanwhile, in Comporta, you stay at Sublime and immerse yourself for five days in their Master Your Mind program (November 3-7). Expect mindfulness, yoga, and horseback riding on the beach. Read more here.


Morocco and Botswana



In Africa, they organize the Here and Now retreat in Morocco (November 13-16), inviting you to step into the present moment, with the beautiful mountains and desert of Caravan by Habitas Afagay as the backdrop. Further into Africa, in Botswana, during the Find Your Roar (November 14-20) retreat, you can improve your leadership skills. You stay in a luxury tent camp, practice mindfulness and silence during walks, and can also receive 1-on-1 coaching. Read more here.


Special Petite Passport Offer



Especially for readers of Petite Passport Kaer has created a special discount of €150 per retreat. Whether you go to Mallorca, Portugal, Italy or Africa, the discount is applicable to all of their Kaer Wellness Retreats. Just use the following code when booking ‘PetiteKaers’.


This is a collaboration between Kaer and Petite Passport. By booking a Kaer Experience Petite Passport will receive a commission.


Credits: all photos via Kaer

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