CLUB B DUINBERGEN - Petite Passport

27 May 2024


3 reasons to go there:


1.If you like staying at an apartment on the 8th floor overlooking the beach of Duinbergen. You will be mesmerized by the view of the sea, the beach, and the more than beautiful sunsets. Duinbergen is the beach next to Knokke so you can enjoy all the shops, galleries and restaurants the chic beach town has to offer.


2.If you like bringing your kids. The apartment is very spacious with a living room, kitchen, bedroom and en suite bathroom and a separate bedroom for kids with two bunkbeds and a shower.


3.If you like taking in the calm and serene interior in the same color palette as the natural surroundings such as beige, grey and some blueish hints. And if you ever wish to write a book, or some other form of creative work, and you don’t want to do it in a cabin in the woods, then this is your place to be.


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